Jen Quintana is an independent multimedia producer and filmmaker in the nation’s capital with experience in documentary and brand story telling, as editor, videographer, producer, and production manager.

With her roots beginning in the study of Philosophy, she has stretched herself towards where the water runs deepest -- capturing the individual human story. While she has dipped her hands in all phases of film production -- from research and planning, to behind the lens, to the final stages in the edit suite -- what she enjoys most is the collaborative process of weaving different threads of a story into one cohesive, moving visual tapestry.

Jen is a DCCAH grant winner, Corcoran Video Arts Exhibition Winner, and has collaborated with a variety of organizations, including National Geographic, PBS, Positive Women’s Network, Al Jazeera, Teach for America, Latin American Youth Center, One Common Unity, University of Maryland, and many others.

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